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Use every occasion to make an Excellent Point.

From Harvard Business School to Entrepreneur Magazine, seems like everyone is talking about the Power of Story in business. It’s the way people prefer to digest information. Nearly every business problem is a communications problem at its core. Let us help you produce the rational and emotional response you need from any audience to accomplish your goals:

  • Brand Identity: Mission Statement, Vision, Core Values, Brand Voice & Personality

  • Presentations: Business Plan, Pitch, Public Speaking, Training, Internal Communications

  • Business Strategy, Executive Leadership Communications, Reporting

  • PowerPoint, Infographics, Data Visualization, Graphic Design, Animation

  • Writing and Editing

  • Project Management, Project Team Communications and Reporting

  • Change Management

  • Instructor:  Business Storytelling, PowerPoint

We are deeply experienced in business strategy and storytelling, including project management and change management. Our clients range from Fortune 100 to the corner store. Every client is different, but our principles are steadfast… begin with the goal in mind, be clear, be human, and don’t forget to ask for what you need. Contact us to discuss your project.

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