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Your story is the soul of your business.

Every person who touches your company ‒ employees, customers, suppliers, neighbors, community members ‒ should be able to articulate your “story” to their friends and families.

  • Who you are

  • What you do

  • What you are known for

  • Your core values

  • Your brand promise

You work hard delivering your business offering. We work hard to help you build an Army of Advocates that endorse you. Beginning with your vision and mission, we help you formulate and propagate the essence of your brand to the appropriate audiences.

Together we will craft and unleash the power of your brand story and influence the reputation attached to your business, whether your business is new or has endured for years. Contact us to get started.

Propagating Your Story

One day, I walked into a quickly growing chain restaurant and asked an employee how many franchises the company had opened. The response was “I wouldn’t know.” Then, I walked across the street to a franchise with a similar business model and asked the same question. This employee not only told me how many restaurants they had opened but launched proudly into a story about the company mission, differentiators and community commitment. This employee was a walking advocate for the restaurant ‒and they made me an advocate, too!


Besides creating pride and loyalty, think about the number of people each employee can touch with your story…

if you share it with them.

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